J O K O   A B R A M I Č   -   Q U A L I T Y   A N D   T R A D I T I O N

I started working with leather twenty years ago. From the begining, my work is based primarily on the use of natural leather. Women's handbags and belts were the product which I have practiced up to the first decade of crafts. Then I expanded my work to business and promotional gifts. I was specialized in making personal planners, folder wraps, keychains and other handy products made out of leather. But men and woman belts still remained my primary product. I always knew how to listen to the requests of the customers and meet their individual needs of any other leather products. All these years I upgraded my equipment so I can now fulfill almost any wish of the costumer and make gifts for various occasions. I think I can only achieve this with a sense of manual work that involves the most complex details. In cooperation with some photographers in past few years, I started  to make photo albums. Now my costumers can get wedding albums, albums for baptism, holy communion, confirmation, birthdays, or albums for other special occasions. I am specially proud on a wooden photo album in a wooden container padded with velvet. My top product is definitely a white leather album with a real Idrija lace, or my other leather albums with a various motifs. My goal is to serve customers with high quality and inherent aesthetic products.



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